Sunday, March 14, 2010

NARCON part 2: Aerotech

There were quite a few new product announcements at NARCON yesterday.

Aerotech had a lot. First is their 24/120 RMS system. It's 7.5" long and uses the same closures as the 24/60 motor, so all you have to buy new is the case itself. First reloads will be core-burners (having a circular hole down the center for ignition) in stead of C-slot (recantular off-center slot), because apparently c-slots were causing case problems. They say definitely Redline, White Lightning, and Black Jack / Black Max loads, with others possible.

Because of the cored design and long case, the first reloads will be high-power loads, because their average thrust will be greater than 80 N (18 lbs); however, Gary Rosenfield hinted that endburners ('like a super-F10') Imagine... a G15T with an 8-second burn time... Altitude records would be set.

Second is some updates with their spacer system. The 29mm and 54mm versions are due out soon; I'll pick the 29mm version to fly Fs and G5 in my 29mm case. They're also bringing out a completely new delay system for high-power loads, to eventually replace the old system. Each 29mm-54mm reload will come with a plastic or phenolic floating forward closure for the spacer system. It'll be preloaded with a 15-second delay; you then use a Ceasroni-like delay tool to change it. Shouldn't increase the cost, allows user-set delay times, improves reliability, and make sit easier to assemble. Win. Gary says it's a good way for them to nullify a few of Cesaroni's advantages, while keeping AT's cost advantage.

They also showed no less then four new 24mm motors - the most new motors of this size in quite a while. None are certified yet, but that will happen within the month. There are two new reloads for the 24/60 case: the 55Ns F34R Redline, available in 5, 8, and 11-second delays, and the 50Ns F33FJ Black Max, in 4, 7, and 10-second delays. I will likely be an avid customer of both.

There's also two new 24mm single-use motors, both in the same 24x95mm (Estes E length) form factor and molded phenolic case of the F32T. It's now joined by the F31R Redline and F30FJ Black Max; all three have 4, 6, and 8-second delays. They're all be priced at around $15.99.

The final new product that Aerotech announced is the first of their new sparky line. It's the HP-G75M Metalstorm, a single-use motor in the case form factor as the G78G and G80T. The Metalstorm propellant has a white flame, little smoke, and white sparks. The motor has a total impulse of 117Ns - a mid-sized G motor; in fact, it's powerful enough to push a small 29mm rocket to Mach. How awesome would that be? It'll be available in 4,7, and 10-second delays. It's got 67g of propellant, so it's a high-power motor, to be sold to certified people only.

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