Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Because I have too much time (Christmas Break starts tomorrow at noon), one complete Baby Bertha kit, one minus the body tube and nose cone, and a whole bunch of fins, I have created... the Multi-Goon. Muahahaha!

The pointy end will be pretty standard, except for the double-length shock cord. I'll prolly use a quick-link to swap out chutes.

The firey end is where the cool stuff is. I have 12 identical Baby Bertha fins that'll provide excellent stability, and a 3/16" launch lug. I'm still finalizing the configurations and mechanics, but it looks like I'll start out with three swappable motor mounts - 1x24mm, 3x18mm, and 7x13mm. I may add 1x29mm, 1x18mm, and/or 3x13mm (tilted) mounts later, assuming I don't lose the darn thing.

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