Sunday, December 6, 2009

Even more Mach Goon building

I know you all are getting tired of pictureless posts. Pictures will come eventually.

The little guy, though, is coming along nicely. There are 3 coats of wood glue on the nose cone now, and it's sticking pretty well. There's two coats on the body tube, and currently I have some of the second round of fillets drying.

I also attached the shock cord to the wall of the body tube and the inside of the nose cone with epoxy clay, which also serves as nose weight.

Amazingly, I'm actually almost done with the Goon. Once the fillets and outer surface are done being covered in wood glue, then it'll be structurally ready for Mach flight. All I'll have to do is attach the streamers, attach a launch lug, and paint the damn thing orange so it's more easily findable than the brown Machnum Force.

I'm debating the lug size. I really should use a 1/4" lug because it is technically a high-power rocket, but a 3/16" or even 1/8" lug would be just fine for its size and weight, and would certainly save on drag. I'll prolly compromise and use a 3/16" lug.

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R2K said...

Cant wait for this thing to break "Transonic" in the words of that article.