Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Old Aerotech Documents

While searching for an Out-of-production (OOP) motor on Google, I discovered a really cool document filed away somewhere on the Aerotech website. It's a collection of old certification sheets that document every Aerotech motor certified between December 10, 1982, and April 25, 1997.

Almost every one of the reloads listed is still produced, but over half of the SU motors are now OOP, including a number of very interesting motors.

They include a number of booster motors, including D7-0, E6-0. E10-0, F10-0, F15-0, and F20-0. (Each with a family of short, medium, and long delays available as well). It gives no mention of size nor propellant, but they were the earliest motors listed, being from 1982, and since they were booster motors I'm curious whether they were BP or composite motors.

By 1988, the following motors were certified for sale under both the Aerotech and Enertek brand names: D7, D8, E6, E10, E15, E28, E30, F9, F10, F15, F20, F25, F30, F41, F44, F60, and F80. Of those, E6s and F10s are currently manufactured by AT for Apogee, and Aerotech offers E15, E30, and F20 motors, which may or may not be the same then and now. The E28 is certainly not the same, as there were no reloadable motors certified then.

The D21 and the now-OOP E25, F32 (the old version), and F72 were certified in 1990.

In 1994, the 18/20, 24/40, and 32/60-100 RC hardware were certified. The 18/20 case was then available for B6-2,4,6T; C4-3,5W; C6-3,5,7W; C12-4,7,10T; and E27-4T loads as well as the D13 and D24 still available today. I would certainly buy an 18/20 casing if B-E loads were available rather than just the 2 D loads. The 24mm loads certified were all those available now, plus several longer delays not currently available.

HPR RMS became available in 1994 as well with 29/180 and /240 and 38/240, /360, /480, and /600 casings and Black Jack, White Lightning, and Blue Thunder loads. There were also a number of 29mm SU motors certified that year: H35-6,10J; H55-6,10W; H70-6,10,14W; H90-6,10W; and H120-6,10,14T; plus the following 38mm SU motors: H65-10,15W; H145-10,15T; I95-10,15W; I132-10,15W.

Later that year, they certified even more motors: 29mm SU G25-5,10,15W; G40-4,7,10W; G80-4,7,10T (the old style G80 that was recently phased out); G80-4,7,10W; G125-10,15T; 24mm SU G42-4,8,12W; G55-5,10,15W; G110-5,10,15T; and the 29/40-120, 29/60, and 29/100 systems and reloads.

1996 saw the introduction of 54mm and 98mm HPR reloadable systems and loads, as well and the 29mm SU H124-6,10,14FJ and the 38mm SU H45-5,10,15W.

There were a few 18mm SU motors certified in 1997: C4-3,5,7; D3-3,5,7; these were eventually sold by Apogee till the fire a few years ago. A number of 54mm SU motors were also certified: I65-10,15W; I115-5,10,15W; I140-5,10,15T; I220-5,10,15T; J100-10,15W; J125-5,10,15W; J220-10,15W; J285-5,10,15T; J355-6,10W; J455-5,10,15T; J700-5,10,15,20T; K250-20W; K400-20T; K900-15,20W; K1050-PW; K1500-15,20T.

I'm pretty sure that a number of these certified motors were sold by other manufacturers. I wonder why so few of them are produced anymore. Anyone who's been around for a while?

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