Friday, December 11, 2009

Goonie Ideas

I've got one Baby Bertha kit left, and several ideas as to what to do with it:

Goonie Patriot or Bullpup

Goonie Saturn V

Goonwing - with a Transwing-style glider

Power Goon - with either a 24mm or (more likely) 29mm mount

Goonie Kraken

Heptagoon: 14 fins and 7x 13mm motor tube (could fly on any number from 1 to 7 motors)

no name ideas yet, but with 3x or 4x canted 18mm motors

Scissor-wing Goon, with a working glider.

Thoughts? More ideas?

1 comment:

Sascha Grant said...

A Goonie Saturn 5 would be super!