Sunday, December 13, 2009

First round of OpenRocket simulations

I've been playing with Openrocket 0.9.5, a freeware rocket simulation program that's very similar to SpaceCad, for a few days now. It's not perfect, but it works pretty darn well for freeware. I'll have general comments later on, but for now I have a few simulation results to compare to my TIRASP sims.

1/2A3-2T79 ft103 ft
A3-4T185 ft213 ft
A10-3T181 ft199 ft

Very similar results.

Machnum Force:
D12-7986 ft942 ft
G78-10G4463 ft4033 ft
G80-13T5042 ft4534 ft
H128W-L5509 ft5360 ft
H165R-L5733 ft5047 ft

Pretty similar results for a tiny rocket at high speeds on large motors. The discrepency with the H165 is because Openrocket says that the H165 has exactly neutral stability, which would cause oscillations that'd rob it of altitude.

1/2A3-4T208 ft250 ft
1/2A6-2137 ft193 ft
A3-4T504 ft494 ft
A6-4Q473 ft426 ft
A8-5433 ft451 ft
B4-4937 ft767 ft
B6-6938 ft776 ft
C6-71671 ft1305 ft

No idea why the B4, B6, and C6 give such disparate results here.

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Kerry said...

I am preparing a presentation on OpenRocket -and have a comparison table Openrocket to Rocksim and SpaceCAD - but I've never used SpaceCAD. Could I email the (short) table to you to help me make a good comparison?