Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hardware Store Run

My folks were heading to the hardware store today, so I tagged along to see if there was anything worth buying. Turns out there was.

First I got two packages of 3 each 1/8" quick links; 1" long. Works out to under a dollar per. A great price for quick links that small, which are perfect for attaching parachutes to rockets, even ones as small as 1" diameter.

Next came... well, something. I'm not sure exactly what the original purpose was, put it's essentially a 600-foot roll of 1" wide orange streamer material. It's a bit thinner than I'd like, but for 4 bucks I'm not complaining.

Finally, I decided to buy stuff for a motor retention system, particularly for a LOC Viper IV which I hope to buy soon. I bought a 12" length of 10-24 allthread (threaded rod), a package of 12 #10 nuts, and a package of 10 #10 brass washers. Interestingly, the #10 brass washers were smaller than #10 galvanized steel washers; I chose the former because I was afraid that the larger steel washers might deflect thrust from a wider-nozzled D12 motor.

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