Friday, December 11, 2009

Aerotech O-rings and Insulators

A guide to Aerotech o-rings and insulators for the 29-54mm HPR sizes.

Also, A preview of 54/426 instructions with the new 54mm aft closure (which allows use of cheaper 38mm nozzles without changing the thrust curve) and 38mm spacer instructions.

All from their Facebook page.


KenKzak said...

Thanks for the headsup on the 54/426.
After Aerotech came out with the 38mm G case, I was expecting a 54mm H/I case to come out as well.
The WL and FJ are just what I was looking for.

The EGE said...

The 54/426 case has been out a while - since roughly the middle of 2007. The new part is the redesigned aft closure, which apparently will son spread to all 54mm motors, allowing you to use the old closure and 54mm nozzles, or the new closure and cheaper 38mm nozzles.

KenKzak said...

Well far out.
I hadn't seen the 54/426 available at any of the sites I was perusing so far. I have some surfing to do.