Friday, December 18, 2009

Random Aerotech News

Mostly from Facebook:

1) The 38mm case adapter systems are out and shipping, just in time for Christmas. 29mm adapters are next, which I will defintiely buy to use my 29/180 case for 120Ns and 60Ns loads, especially the G77 Redline.

2) Blue Thunder and Redline loads for the 24/60 case are being casted, with plans to test them in January or February and certify next spring. Once they come out, I will prolly buy the case.

3) Instructions for the Delay Drilling Adapter are up. It lets you use the Cesaroni Pro-DAT tool with AT reloads. Even though there's a very public feud between supporters of each company of the rocketry forums, the companies themselves are cooperating. Win!

4) Date codes for motors are YMDDMY. 001588 on my F23-4J = 08/15/08, and 000539 on my F32-4Ts = 03/05/09 (just 15 days before I bought them).

5) Apogee now carries the E20W, for $21.39 for two. Not a great price for an E motor, but I'll prolly pick up a pair sometime.

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