Saturday, December 26, 2009

What to Buy...

One of my Christmas presents was a gift certificate to Apogee Components. I've got a lot of choice as to what to get. I've divided my choices into three main possibilities:

Smaller but unusual kits:
Apogee Aspire: 29mm machbuster / altitude model
Sunward CFX Six-Footer" 24mm super-roc

Larger 29mm models:
Cosmodrome Black Brant II: huge and cool-looking scale model
Madcow Bomarc: completely different from other large kits out there

4" diameter 38mm models:
Madcow Patriot
Madcow Phoenix
Madcow Little John
PemTech King Kraken



globalizati said...

Bomarc all the way - I've always wanted one. Though $100 for a 2.6" kit does seem to be steep...

The EGE said...

The Bomarc is way cool, yes, and I like that I can use larger G and small H motors and still have it easy to recover. The only problems with it are a) I'm not sure if i have the skills to build up the composite wing section and b) for the price, I'd rather get a 4" 38mm rocket that can handle H thru J motors.

Sascha Grant said...

Composite wings can be a pain, but if you put down a layer of plastic wrap, then build the wing, put down another layer of plastic wrap and put a book on top, they should come out nice and flat :)

The Phoenix is a nice looking rocket! It will stand out as different from the typical 3FNC.

The CFX Six-Footer looks great, too! I have an Estes Mean Machine (that's about the same height) and it never fails to stop everyone and have them watch! If you do get the Six-Footer, make it break-apart in the middle (instead of popping the nose cone) as it will be *much* easier to transport.

Another two that you may like are:

Semroc Hydra VII - lots of motor options on that. Unusual looking rocket (this is in my want list!) and should be a good fun build.

Semroc SLS Arcas - The Arcas is a great kit with heavy-duty body tube (I've almost finished building mine) that, if built well, can fly on H motors, too!

And don't forget to read the reviews at

The EGE said...

Sascha: I love the Phoenix; the only problem is that it's pretty short and has smallish fins. Not good for stability of I and J motors.

The Arcas is a nice rocket, but if I flew it on anything bigger than an E, I'd never see it again.