Saturday, October 18, 2008

Update on 'future' rockets

In the 18 days since my list of my 'future' rockets, I've done a lot of building:
  • The SpaceShipOne is still on hold until I can get white spray paint.

  • The upper stage of my 2-stage MMX rocket is lost. Staging failed yesterday with a new upper stage, so this rocket is dead.

  • The Flaming Hat of Death is on Hiatus. It's currently being replaced by an Art Applewhite saucer, which I'll use for my NAR Jr. L1 cert - next post.

  • Serenity is my next project. I'm downscaling it to a 16cm long MMX rocket made from two easter eggs. No side motors.

  • My 18mm machbuster - "Mach My Day" - is complete and will launch on November 15th on a D21-7T motor. It's risky, but I feel lucky.

  • The orion shuttle is on long-term hiatus as well. A man's just got to know his limitations.

  • Now that I've simulted that Mach my Day will indeed reach Mach, I don't need a 24mm machbuster now.

  • I bought an Estes Comanche-3 the other day. I painted and decaled it today. It's a 3-stage rocket 41" high. IF you load it up with a full engine load, and I won't, AND you sand airfoils into the fins - I didn't, it can go half a mile high.

  • My Cloud Hopper, a short (~8") and fat (1.3") rocket that looks like a rabbit. It's a modified Baby Bertha kit with the hopper built from 1970s plans. I used extra tubing and some steel wool to make an ejection baffle so I don't have to use ejection wadding.

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