Sunday, October 5, 2008

Launch Report #2

Both my scheduled launch today and my plans to paint my SpaceShipOne were scrubbed by this morning's unexpected rain, but I managed to launch a couple of my MMX birds in my yard:
  • First came IT (Intra-Terrestrial), my saucer-shaped rocket. It boosted about 60 feet straight up and came down lightly. perfect.

  • Next came my boost glider. It boosted straight into a tree. All parts recovered, no damage.

  • Finally came the upper stage of my 2-stage MMX rocket. It boosted about 150 ft up over the neighbor's woods. Status: RIP

I used bits of toothpick to hold the igniters in the engines, and this made ignitions much quicker.
Just a possible list for two weeks from now:
  • Cosmic Cobra booster with MaxTrak altitude tracking capsule on a B6-4. Estimated height ~300ft

  • Astron Invader on an A8-3. Altitude is anyone's guess, since these guys are known to loop and do figure 8s under power.

  • Replaced upper-stage 2-stage MMX rocket staging MMX-MMX.

  • Rama on a B4-2. No idea if she'll be stable. If she's stable, altitude will be about 150-200 ft.

  • Transwing glider on a B4-2. Estimated altitude about 200 ft.

  • SpaceShipOne on something, maybe a C6-3 if a get a pack soon. That would give it 400ft.

  • Cloud Hopper, a kitbash I'm doing, on probably a C6-3 to maybe 400ft. This is usually a mini-engine rocket, so it'll be interesting.

More interesting stuff soon. I promise.


mandachan said...

woo rockets whatever.

you know, i was thinking (scary thought, i know), and your insistence on the 'skinny white guys who play with baseballs' post that you had to accommodate me was all your idea. i NEVER told you to dedicate a post to the guys i envy (you're just jealous of the respect that i have for them and the fact that they're hot and you aren't). that was your idea. and i read your blog anyway, but i only comment when i understand what you're saying.

mandachan said...

and that pic of alex you emailed me sucks. >:P

and i checked that post again and what happened to the lincecum picture? did you eat it? :)

mandachan said...

oh, and i am not using french fries as an internet provider, so i don't know what kind of crack your gadget thing is smoking.

The EGE said...

French fries?

mandachan said...

yeah. FF. french fries.

The EGE said...

yeah - flock is updated firefox code.

mandachan said...

i like french fries better. although you can't get the internet from french fries. too bad. someone should invent that.