Friday, October 17, 2008

Launch Report #4

I went out today after school and launched a couple of MMX birds. Nothing special.
  • First came the saucer-shaped IT to about 50 feet.

  • Next came a 2-stage rocket. The second stage failed to ignite. No damage to either part.

  • Finally came the top stage. It launched fine, but it came down without fins.

I am pretty sure that Micromaxx motors can't be used as booster stages due to the clay cap.
Update on rockets I'm building tomorrow.


mandachan said...

you suck. (regarding the views thing. i don't get how you can have more than me. a lot more than me. and your blog isn't really that interesting! no offense, of course.)
BUUUT i had someone outside of the northeast read mine! oh! in your face!

and this is totally random (what a concept) but the mac&cheese at valentinos is REALLY good!

woo. homecoming. let's go red sox!

The EGE said...

Hey, you are now my first follower. Come to me, my dark minions!