Wednesday, October 22, 2008

[Does little happy dance]

Yay lots of stuff! Yesterday i bought lotsa stuff from Hobbylinc last night:
  • BNC-5: Balsa Nose Cone for BT-5 tubing. This is for a 2-stage 13mm-motor rocket I'm planning. No details yet.

  • 2 18mm motor mount tubes. I always need more of these and they were a steal at 59 cents for two.

  • 15" of BT-50 Body Tube. (The 50 has no actual meaning. It's just an arbitrary number.)I've got a couple nose cones for this, but no plans.

  • 4 AR2050 (BT-20(18mm) to BT-50(24mm) centering rings. For putting a motor mount in BT-50.

  • A pack of A8-3s, for the Wizard and other small rockets.

  • A pack of B6-4s. Almost all my 18mm rockets use these.

  • A pack of C6-3s, for the SS1, Transwing, Invader, and Swissor-Wing Transport.

  • A pack of D12-0s, mainly for the Comanche-3.

  • A single D21-7 for Mach My Day. This was the most expensive single item in the order.

I will be havink fun next weekend!

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