Wednesday, October 8, 2008


First off, please note the lovely javascript counter off to the right, courtesy of here. It's the number of days till the wednesday after election day, when all the little political talking heads can go F4 themselves.
Secondly, note the hit counter. At this point I am within 8 hits of Mandachan, 438-430, despite starting my blog a month after hers. Therefore, I am actually more popular.
Next, I have painted my Cloud Hopper. I tried to paint my SpaceShipOne, but the spray can died.
Finally, I hate homework. Just saying.


Laura said...

Ha! Very nice! Now I can just check in here when I want to know how long until people stop asking me who I'm voting for (aren't the ballots supposed to be ANONYMOUS?! for crying out loud...) So what exactly does the F4 button do? Before you say it, I'm not stupid enough to press it and see what happens. I hate homework too. Just saying.

The EGE said...

F4=geek abbreviation for a 4-letter f-word.
'nuff said.

mandachan said...

holy christmas that is bright. HYPOCRITE! you made me change mine, and yet you have the guts to specifically change yours TO a really bright color. jerkwad.

mandachan said...

i actually started my blog in january, i just didn't add the counter until june. and most of your visits are me, fyi. you're not as loved as me. you haven't had two authors comment on your blog. you haven't had someone you haven't personally met comment on your blog. i didn't think so. SO THERE! >:P

mandachan said...

oh, and you cheated 'cause you have it on non-unique visits 'cause the first time i came here today, it said 442 and the next time about 20 minutes later it said 443 and now it says 444 after i refreshed it. jerkwad.

and my brain hurts. i blame you.

David said...

Hey wat's up Sindel I can't find your code. I googled user friendly January 1, 2008, and even did a search on the website itself, but all that I got was some stupid comment about firefox and IE. Also I thought you should know I'm going to leave a theory on the structure of the universe, and that the code making is going to improve in the future.

David said...

Anyways here's my theory: If you can bend a line why not a plane, and if you can bend a plane why not an ever expending 3d space, and if you can bend that why not the fabric of the universe. Therefore I can succesfully conclude that gravity is simply a warping of the fabric of the universe (space, time , and undiscovered/incomprehensible dimensions). This warping that we call gravity brings whatever matter that is residing in it closer to other matter. We can therefore conclude that for some reason matter distorts the fabric of the universe, much like a heavy weight would cause a depression in a blanket. Through this possibly eroneous analogy I have concluded that if the fabric of the universe and matter are made of a similar energy or other material of some such, then matter is denser. Or matter exists in more dimensions than the universe. To add to that it would also explain or lead to an explanation of why matter can exist in an infinite space of so many dimensions. To think of matter in space is to think of a point or a group of points in a coordinate plane having an actual dimension( i.e. I'm revering to the mathematical definition, not the pencil mark). This also ties in with the big bang theory, (it never made sense to me how all the matter in the universe can suddenly explode outward)if all the existing matter in the world gathered up in one spot in the universe then there would be a hole per say in the universe, and the matter would disappear into that depression. This could in theory cause the entire universe as we know it to invert. This would cause all the directions to become their opposites, and the compressive force of gravity would be changed into explosive force, with (theoretically still) no loss of energy. As for the holes in my theory there is only black holes, and the origin of matter to begin with. On the matter of black holes, they are doing something similar to the complete collection of all matter in my theory, however the individual presence of a single star turning into a black hole wouldn't be a force significant to cause the Big Inversion. I believe that at least a couple of galaxies would have to turn into black holes, before the Big Inversion happens again. As for the origin of matter and the universe I leave that in the hands of religious zealots or yourself Sindel.

P.S. The purpose of life is to prove your own existence/self-worth/importance, or to spend your time ignoring this. Examples are a Serial killers killing in order to be important (well, the victim certainly cares), people who seek to become like their (unusually shallow even for humans) celeberties, and of course the religious folk. The proof that this is important lies in the emo kids, the abused children, and the lovely inhabitants of asylums.

P.P.S. or it could be some kind of a joke.

P.P.P.S. yeah I have a lot of thinking time in the time that I spend not doing what I'm supposed to be doing homework and such.

David said...

RE: on the meaning or rather purpose of life.

It sure does make people happy to be ignoring their purpose through excessive partying, drugs, video-games, or tv. And thus they fulfill it anyways.

....It does seem rather stupid doesn't it.

....maybe it is a joke.

.... accomplishing stuff, or feeling that you accomplished stuff, even if you didn't also seems to bring about a bout of happiness. e.g. yay I walked like those big folk who feed me or yay I just earned 2.5 million dollars in 15 minutes. Or yay I more or less have the right to look down on everybody like a big snob, because they are stupid or weak or I don't really know but its fun!

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