Thursday, October 9, 2008


Just a few quick things:
  • Upon protest from mandachan, I rechanged my background color to almost the same as it was.

  • For Mr. Tang, the link to the encoded comic is here. It's the Jan 1, 2000 comic, not the jan 1, 2008 one that you saw.

  • On Mr. Tang's theory from last post: You correct in that spacetime itself can be warped. One example is called frame dragging - rotating massive bodies like the Earth spin and warp spacetime around them ever-so-slightly. You are also correct that a massive body can create sort of a dent in spacetime. Your metaphor is commonly used. Black holes are like an infinitely deep dent from which nothing, not even light, can escape. Next, there are some people like you who think in extra dimensions. The most popular theory involves an 11-dimensional Calabai-Yau manifold, a central component of string theory. Your Big Inversion is better known as the Big Crunch theory, which has 2 problems: 1, current theory predicts that our universe is flat and will expand at roughly the same rate forever, and 2, black holes could swallow the universe, but they actually can dry up and disappear before swallowing the entire universe. That's why the black holes created by the LHC are harmless - they disappear in 10-28 seconds. Essentially, you have hit on some of the oddball bits of modern cosmology.

  • Sorry, mandachan, I thought my counter was individual visits. I'll work on fixing it.

  • From the always humorous and intelligent xkcd, a simple, 27-word summary of string theory.

No posts till monday, probably. Sorry.

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