Monday, October 13, 2008

Launch Report #3

Well, I finally got to go out and launch some non-MMX rockets. I launched 3 A and 5 B motors in seven flights on five rockets, equivalent to a mid E motor. Here's the lowdown:
  • First came the Jinx, a short plastic rocket, on an A3-4T. This is a great motor for this bird. The simulations say 384 ft, but I'd say it was more like 250.

  • Next came Rama on a B4-2. It went about 20 feet up, spun around a bit, then crashed before the ejection charge. The back bulkhead is shot, but it will fly again with clear plastic fins.

  • Next was my Astron Invader on an A8-3. It went 30 feet up, did a figure-8 under power, then continued up 100 more feet. It ejected about 30 feet up and dived steeply.

  • Next was my modified mongoose on a 2-stage B6-0/B6-6 combo. Perfect staging, perfect flight, perfect recovery. Awesome.

  • Transwing on a B4-2. This motor is not powerful enough; it only reached 80 feet. When it ejected, the motor pod tangled with the glider - a "red baron". Thanks to mandachan for the rubber bands.

  • Jinx again on an A3-4T. perfect.

  • Astron Invader on a B6-4. Again, a too-long delay. It ejected maybe 50 feet up, for a 10-second glide.

More estimated altitudes posted as soon as I sim them.

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