Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Comcast stinks.

For two reasons. Number one, their 'high-speed' internet is pretty slow, even on a 100Mbps (Mega-bits-per-second) in-home wireless network.
Second, it says Google Chrome is out-of-date because it is not a 'modern, standards-compliant internet browser'. BS. Chrome is one of the best browsers out there. It's faster than IE, more secure (it doesn't need a third-party security suite), and it does well on the Acid 3 test. That test, the nastiest internet test around, checks for adherence to modern stuff like Javascript, ECMAscript, Document Object Modeling, and Scalable Vector Graphics. IE doesn't even support SVG without a plug-in. Webkit-based browsers like Chrome and Safari get between 75 and 100, Flock gets 71, Opera gets 85... and IE gets 14. And supports IE 6.0 (completely fails the acid 3), and not the superior Chrome. Wake up, Comcast!

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