Sunday, October 19, 2008

A summary of Estes products

Just thumbing through the Estes catalog (the 2007 catalog, without all the 2009 rereleases). A breakdown by type:
  • 3FNC rockets (3-fin-nose-cone) - the basic, boring rockets. I have only 4 of these - a RTF (ready-to-fly) Jinx, a level 1 (basic construction) Wizard, my Pen rocket, and my Mach My Day - a modified Quest Pipsqueak. The catalog has 42 3FNC rockets - 4 RTF, 18 E2X (Easy 2 Construct), 12 Level 1, no Level 2 (harder to construct), no level 3 (harder to construct, this is my level), and 2 E-powered rockets, both level 2.

  • Scale Rockets - there are 16 in the catalog. 5 RTF, 1 E2X, 4 L1, 4 L2 (one cluster, one glider), 1 L3, and 1 E-powered (supposedly L3 but more like L4). I have the L1 Gauchito, L2 Bullpup, L2 SpaceShip1 (should be L3), and a scratch-built Rama.

  • There are 9 payload models in the catalog. 1 holds an egg, 2 are empty (1 designed for liquids), and 6 are functional payloads - 2 film cameras, 2 digital / movies cameras, a spin sensor, and a speedometer. 4 are RTF, 2 are E2X, two - both empty capsules - are L1, and the egglofter is L2. I have the OOP (out of production) Estes L1 Loadstar, an old Astrocam, and an altitude tracking capsule.

  • There are 3 staged rockets in the catalog - the L2 CC Express and the L3 Renegade (fantasy scale - basically a fancy-looking rocket) and the L3 Comanche-3. I have the Comanche-3, the staged-payload Loadstar, Mongoose, the Screaming Yellow Zonker (built from a Quest Totally Tubular), and a basic 18mm booster stage made from an old Estes viking.

  • There are 5 boost-gliders in the catalog. There are a pair (counted as one) E2X, and E2X pop-pod glider, an E2X parasite glider, an L2 boost glider scale model, and the L3 Scissor wing transport. I have the SWT, an old OOP L3 Estes Transwing, a 2/3 downscale of the 1965-67 Astron Invader, an MMX glider, and my scratch-built boost-glider.

  • I have the one helicopter (technically autogyro) bird in the catalog - my first rocket, the E2X Cosmic Cobra.

  • 5 kits can be considered fantasy scale - two L2 and 3 L3 (one is the SWT, another is staged). I have the SWT.

  • There is one tube fin rocket in the catalog - the L1 Super Neon. A larger version will be released in 2009.

  • There are 2 cluster rockets in the catalog - the L2 scale Thunderstar and the L2 36 D Squared. I have none.

  • Finally, there are 7 odd-rocs in the catalog: the RTF snitch flying saucer, the E2X Pop Fly, the E2X Converter, the L1 Porta-Pot Shot, the L2 Rock-it, and two E birds - the short and fat Big Daddy and the super-tall (6 ft 7) super-roc Mean Machine. I have too many odd-rocs to count, none of them in the catalog.

There are 42 3FNC and 47 others in the catalog, for 92 total, give or take a couple.

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