Saturday, October 25, 2008

Building Update

I actually found some free time yesterday afternoon and early this morning to do some building:
  • Rama is complete! I cut 3 3" circles from 1/16" cardboard, drilled holes for the engine tube, and glued the hole thing in with superglue. I tested the parachute by attaching it to the nose weight - 60+% of the total weight - by tossing it up in the backyard and watching its descent. It also added 3 clear plastic fin a week ago for stability. They violate my original plans for finless stability, but make it much safer. The original model Rama was incomplete and would have never flown. Rama 1.1 crashed. Now, Rama 1.2 is ready to fly on a C6-3!

  • Serenity is also making huge progress. She will be about 16 cm long, for a 1:400 scale from the original 63 meter ship. (See here) After two failed attempts, I drilled two perfect 5/16" holes through a yellow easter egg to hold the pen tube / engine mount. 2 inches of BT-60 (1.6") tube connect to the front of the egg. I carved up a large egg for the ring around the engine.
    I've also made the outboard tubes.

  • The Gauchito's engine mount failed a few days ago. I'm planning to get more tubing in an order.

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