Monday, September 29, 2008

Meet the Fleet! Part 4: The future

Despite having 18 flying rockets, all but 5 of them flown, I'm always on the lookout for more. My current projects, in order of probability of actually occurring
  • The SpaceShip1, a 1:30 scale model of the Scale Composites / Virgin Galactic suborbital spacecraft. The real thing looks like this (free use image from Wikipedia):

    It's an 18-mm motor rocket that apparently often glides after the motor cuts out. It is currently built, but not painted. I hope to fly it at CATO 142 in october.

  • A 2-stage micromaxx rocket. Nothing fancy, just an old pen and some balsa.

  • The Flaming Hat of Death, as described here. Basically, Take a wide-brimmed hat and stick a big, loud, smoky motor in it. Make the motor removable so it's wearable.

  • A model of Serenity, a wierd-looking sci-fi ship. It'll be tough to build. The two side pods will house booster engines, with the main engine inside the body. It'll have to have clear plastic fins to be stable.

  • The Orion shuttle from 2001. I may convert a plastic model to fly.

  • An 18mm machbuster, kitbashed from a Wizard kit. I might need stronger balsa, though.

  • A 24mm Machbuster, for using bigger motors. Unlike the 18mm Machbuster, there are commercial kits that can do this.

  • A tube-fin, egg-lofting, paper-towel-roll-made, clustered motor freak. I have most of the needed parts.

I have 3 MMX rockets, 3 mini motor rockets, 12 18mm rockets, 1 tracking capsule, and 1 18mm booster. I have 6 scratch-built birds plus the booster, 1 built from 1966 plans, 1 heavily modified from a kit, and 10 kit rockets plus the capsule. I have 2 scale models, 1 staged rocket, and 4 finless rockets.
By the way, I joined the NAR (National Association of Rocketry) yesterday. This makes it easier for me to buy high-powered motors and allows me to attend NAR meets, plus gets me a subscription to Sport Rocketry magazine.


mandachan said...

what about that 'dorkling' that you showed me the plans for in us history?
that post i sorta understood. good luck or whatever.

The EGE said...

The tiny dorkling is my final plan my the 2-stage MMX rocket. It will be about 3.5" tall, with 1.3" of that being the sustainer. The bigger one is my plan my the 18mm machbuster.

mandachan said...

i don't know what kind of measurements you're referring to, but 18mm is kinda smaller than 3.5" or 1.3" or whatever.

The EGE said...

18mm is the motor diameter; those motors are 70mm (2.75") tall. The MMX motors are 6mm x 26mm.