Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yet another motor order!

I've ordered a bunch of stuff from Hobbylinc, because their prices are cheap than anywhere else, and they don't charge extra for HAZMAT. For 82 bucks, including shipping, I got:

Practical stuff:
48" red and orange streamers. Good for rocket up to 3 ounces, like Machbusters. And they were 69¢ apiece.
Aerotech Interlock igniter clip, for dealign with those bloody Copperheads
1 bag of recovery wadding

1/2A3-4T (4)
A10-3T (4)
B6-2 (3)
B6-4 (3)
B6-6 (3)
E23-8T: for my 29/40-120 case. Not a load I would normally choose since it's a Blue Thunder and 29mm E loads are usually expensive, but it was on sale for a price comparible to 24mm E loads.
G53-5FJ: for the same case. The exact load I wanted, and it was on sale. Perfect for the Nike-Apache sometime.

3 Baby Bertha kits. One will become the Nike Goon, another the Mach Goon, and another to be determined. Possibly a Saturn V goon?
48" of 38mm tubing. For the motor mount of the Mach goon, and then I'll have 43" left over for whatever.

There was still more stuff I was tempted to get. Their 24mm reloads are dirt cheap, as are 24/60 cases. As soon as Aerotech brings out more 24/60 loads, I'll snatch one up.

Blogging will be light for a few days, likely, as I'll be staying for a few days at a friend's house where getting the internet requires finding an unsecured wireless network, or treking back here after school.


R2K said...

Do you fly at METRA often? You may be the first person I know from blogging and the internet whom I have met in person, other than my college friends who already knew me.

The EGE said...

I've only flown there once, at NERRF 5. I don't remember meeting you there - do you remember me?