Friday, November 20, 2009


My computer should be back tomorrow. Maybe. Hopefully.

The Nike Goon is functionally finished. The white, red, and yellow paint job came out perfect; now all it needs is 'United States' painted in black down the side.

The Great Pumpkin is also finished. I used a chunk of epoxy clay to glue on the shock cord, and then glued on the forward section with wood glue. I put 2 1/4" launch lugs on balsa standoffs, and it was completed. I spray painted it freeform, without masking, so the color blended together. The upper section is black, and the lower section a mottling of yellow and red. Looks pretty nice, actually.

Planned flights for Saturday follow. Several motors are listed for a few that I'm not sure what motor I'll use with.

10" Pyramid: G71-4R: ~200ft
Mozzie: E18-4W: 785ft; E23-5T*: 655ft
Nike-Apache: E18-4W: 403ft; E23-3T*: 321ft; F23-4FJ: 508ft; F32-4T: 667ft; G53-7FJ: 1113 ft
Great Pumpkin (10oz rocket + 10 oz pumpkin and chute): F32-4T: 485ft; G53-4FJ*: 748ft

* drilled delays. See next post.

Twofer: 2xA10-3T: 513ft
Nike Goon: B6-4: 350ft; C6-5: 650ft
Glider (2+3)**: B6-2: 300ft
mandachan!: A10-3T: 500ft
Screaming Yellow Zonker: C6-5: 1000ft
Astron Invader: B6-2: who knows! It'll loop, that's for sure!

** Gliders #2 and #3 on a single boost pod

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