Friday, November 20, 2009

Modifying Aerotech Delays

I bought an E23-8T on a whim, because it was 6 bucks, a pretty good price for a single E motor. Unfortunately, the 8-second delay is not very good for any of the 29mm rockets I have.

However, Aerotech has a very helpful way of changing that. On the excellent Resources tab of their website, I found a document that tells how to drill out their delays for shorter delay times. Simply take a 3/16" drill bit, and by hand drill out 0.024" to 0.031" per second of delay - just over 1/32" per second. The drilled-out section then faces the ejection charge in the final assembly.

Interestingly, they also state that the delay scraps should be electrically ignited safely outdoors for disposal, rather than simply put in the trash. I plan to test this with either a G53-7FJ or E23-8T on Saturday.


Maelstrom said...

I've hand-drilled a delay before, but it was less than exact because it was kind of a last minute thing. And the hand drill was really just a sharp piece of metal.

The EGE said...

Ah. I found an old 3/16" bit lying around my workshop and stuck it in my range box, along with a 6" ruler.