Saturday, November 28, 2009

Massive Price Sheet

After a few hours of work, I've compiled a massive price list of almost everything imaginable related to rocketry. I've got Quest MMX motors, every motor type sold by Estes, every Aerotech single-use motor (except the mysterious I350R-10 and K250W-P, which no-one seems to sell), all Aerotech / RouseTech reload cases and AT reloads sizes 18mm-38mm (except the 24/20-40 and 32/60-100 RC glider cases, which again are evry very rare), all Cesaroni Pro29 and Pro38 cases and reloads, and a small avriety of igniters, etc.

It works out to approximately 159 items - that's 1431 cells, of which approximately 800 are filled with prices, and 600 are not a valid product - vendor combination.

The vendors are:

Apogee Components
Balsa Machining Service
Discount Rocketry
Giant Leap Rocketry
Hangar 11
Red Arrow Hobbies
What's Up Hobbies

I plan to add more soon - AT and CTI motors up to 98mm, the Aerotech RC motors, Quest BP motors, and perhaps other reloadable motor systems like Kosdon, Loki, AMW, Gorilla, etc.

I'll post it for all to see on Google Documents eventually, but if anyone wants a copy now, drop me a line - my emails are found on the link at the very bottom of the page.


globalizati said...

Cool idea - sounds like this will be a great way of comparing prices to get the best deal. Maybe once you have it set up as a Google doc you can save a copy & set one to be editable so others can update prices as you go, though I imagine it will be pretty tough to get all these prices updated all the time..

The EGE said...

That's a good idea; unfortunately, I'd have to find other people who were willing to update it to give access to. It's not possible to give permission for everybody to edit, and I want to keep the number of people down. But if you're interested in helping, I'll drop you a line on TRF when it's up.