Monday, November 23, 2009

Dead Tree Edition #2

I just finished the rough draft of my junior History thesis paper, nominally 5-7 pages.

9 full pages plus 2 lines, 12 font doubled-spaced
14726 characters
2924 words: exactly the same as last year's Dead tree edition
95 sentences in 11 paragraphs
4.8 characters per word
30.7 words per sentence
8.6 sentences per paragraph

I expect near 10 full pages in the final draft. It's an argument that the attack on Pearl Harbor was actually a military failure for the Japanese. I'll post the final draft text eventually.


@eloh said...

How long before it is due?

Ha ha ha , you definately have a valid point.

I'm going to go see if I can find a picture that you may find interesting and give you the link.

@eloh said...

Stone marker at National Vigilance Park, just outside of NSA Headquarters at Fort Meade, Maryland.

NSA=National Security Agency,
mother of them all.

Anyway, we did indeed know the attack was coming.

The EGE said...

Some knew, some didn't. The only problem was, the information never got passed up the chain enough to be sent to the commanders at Pearl.

Whether we knew or not, the Japanese still committed grevious tactical error - errors that they repeated over and over throught the war, and which helepd us with the war.

mandachan said...

good lord that's a long paper.

in comparison:
same formatting, 6 2/3 pages
9845 characters
1930 words
63 sentences in 6 paragraphs
4.9 characters per word
30.6 words per sentence
10.5 sentences per paragraph
and a subject that is a little easier to understand