Saturday, November 14, 2009

Building Update

My computer is, of course, still out of comission, but I'm able to use my parents' computer a bit.

I've gotten quite a bit done on the Nike Goon and Great Pumpkin over the last few days. The Great Pumpkin has most of its subassemblies ready to assemble. The motor mount is glued together (except for possibly a kevlar shock cord) and and the fins (1/8" balsa) are cut out, although I still need to sand them and cut the TTW (through the wall) tabs, which will anchor them to the motor mount. I've coated the entire foam transition piece with wood glue, which'll give it strength, make it easier to finish, and lessen the chance of it getting dented or crushed. I still need to create the pattern for the single-use paper cones that'll serve as the nose cone.

The Nike Goon is also coming along well. I cut the fins out last night, coated then with wood glue for strength and to aid finishing, and glued them on today with superglue. The motor mount is glued in, and it and the fins are getting wood glue fillets for strength. I intend to be able to fly it on anything from an A8-3 to a D21-7T. I also glued the shock cord in; after the fillets dry, i'll be all ready for the paint scheme of white body and nose cone with 3 red fins and 1 yellow.

Also, the Buckeyes won today, 27-24, in overtime. Over UNDEFEATED Iowa. They're now Big Ten Champions and headed to the Rose Bowl. Go Bucks!

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