Monday, November 23, 2009


I'd like to launch the mandachan, which is a 13mm minimum-diameter rocket, with two staged motors. Unfortunately, there are no currently produced 13mm (or smaller) booster motors, and the promised Estes A10-0T is nowhere in sight. So, I took a 1/2A3-4T motor, of which I have several, and modified it. I used a sharpened screwdriver to pick off the clay cap, which I will prolly discard, and the ejection charge, which I will keep. Both of those were loose-grained and came out almost immediately.

However, the delay grain was much different. It was almost 3/8" of densely packed material that took almost 20 minutes of scraping to get it all out. However, I managed to get all the way down to the top of the blackpowder grain. It's effectively now a 1/2A3-0T.


Sascha Grant said...

I can't wait for some 13mm 0's :)

KenKzak said...

I remove Estes ejection charges on a routine basis, usually for airstart clusters, where the motor then gets capped with epoxy.
I always use a wooden tool though. Sharpened bamboo or oak dowel.
I won't risk the chance of a spark or static discharge.

I still have some A10-0T's. I stocked up when they went OOP. I usually use them for other than staging these days.
I used to have several mini-stagers and mini-clusters, way back when Estes still made the

The EGE said...

In retrospect that would have been a better idea, but the delay grain is very dense - not like AT delay grains - and it took forever even usign metal tools.