Saturday, November 21, 2009

Launch Report #35: CATO 155

Today was an excellent launch day. 60-degree temperatures, little wind, a clear field and sky, and my dad, a friend, and mandachan were all there to watch.

First came the gliders on a B6-2. One glider (#3) had its hook broken off at ignition, and it didn't make it off the bad, but the other (#2), hung on all the way to ejection at around 500 feet. It glided for well over a minute, prolly closer to 2, before hitting the trees. It bounced down 80 feet of trees to the ground, amazingly losing only the tail fin. Both gliders will fly again.

Second came the Mozzie on an E23-8T. I drilled the delay out to 5 seconds, but it was still 8 seconds from burnout to ejection. It boosted fast and smooth to around 650 feet and ejected at about 500, recovering with no damage. Es are a good fit for the Mozzie.

Third was the Screaming Yellow Zonker! It had a cool sound and nice spiral smoke trail. It recovered right near the pad, mysteriously missing one fin, which I'll replace.

Fourth was the Great Pumpkin on a G53-5FJ. The Fast Black Jack (aka Black Max) motor ignited instantly and it boosted fast and straight. The 'punkin' inflated its chute instantly and it drifted off into the distance, remaining in sight for 2 minutes and 33 seconds. The main body of the rocket did not deploy its chute and the foam transition broke a bit; it should be easy to repair.

Fifth was the Twofer on a pair of A10-3T motors. Despite aspersions cast by other fliers, it boosted fast and straight with a just a tiny bit of spiraling.

Sixth was my 29mm pyramid on a G71-4R Redline. It was my third flight of the day on my new 29/40-120 case, which I now really like. It flew perfectly straight to about 300 feet. The delay was long and ejection was simulataneous with impact, but it was amaingly undamaged. The light ply and wood glue held.

I flew 6 rockets on 7 motors today, including 2 G and 1 E motor, which makes it my second-highest day in terms of impulse flown, next to NERRF 5 where I flew 1 F, 1 G, and 2 H motors.

Total since September 29, 2008: 1752 Ns (36.9% K motor).

Mandachan took some awesome photos; I'll post them soon.


mandachan said...

glad to be of service. it wasn't too hard... once i turned the camera on...

and you little stinker you. over twice my views. you suck :P

tori said...

congrats on the successful day!