Sunday, November 15, 2009

Building updates again, because I do nothing else

The Nike Apache is almost completely finished. All four fins are filleted, as is the launch lug, and the last fillet on the motor mount is drying. I'll put a coat of primer and maybe one of white on tomorrow, then red and yellow for the fins on tuesday, assuming it doesn't rain any more. It'll fly on saturday at CATO 155 on either a B6-4, or a C6-5 if it's not windy.

The Great Pumpkin is also coming along well. All four through-the-wall fins are glued to the motor mount and filleted, and the motor mount is glued into the body tube, with the final glue joint drying. I put the baffle in, captive but not glued in place, and then glued in a 2" ring with a 1" hole about 6" from the top. This lets the baffle also serve as a piston to further protect the parachutes from the ejection charge.

The nose section / payload compartment is also nearing completion. The protective glue layer on the foam transition is dry, and the compartment is currently gluing to the transition. I just need to make the nosecone and glue the 'pointy end' to the 'firey end', and it's practically finished and ready for painting (orange and black, of course!).

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@eloh said...

You do plenty else.

Now is the time in your life to be finding your own rudder and rockets seem to be a part of it.

All things come in time.

By the way I loved that rocket shooting off the other day... I just wasn't signed on to comment.