Sunday, November 8, 2009

More new motors from Aerotech and Cesaroni!

Today, Cesaroni announced the certification of 11 new reloads - 1 G, 1 I, 1 L, 6 M, and 3 N. These included two new propellants: C-star and Pink. C* is the characteristic velocity of a rocket motor, and accordingly C-star is a high-performance propellant with high metals content. The Pink propellant (some call it violet) was originally put forth by Paul Robinson. It's mostly a one-shot deal, for a woman certifying L3 on a bright pink rocket, but more will be certifed if the demand is there. It looks like this:

The certified motors were:
93Ns G80-SK-14A (CTI Pro29-2G) Skidmark
502Ns I120-IM-15A (CTI Pro54-1G) Imax
6118Ns M3100-WT-P (CTI Pro75-5G) White Thunder
6162Ns M1675-PK-P (CTI Pro75-5G) Pink (pictured above)
7545Ns M1590-CL-P (CTI Pro75-6G) Classic
5472Ns M2250-CS-P (CTI Pro75-4G) C-star
5342Ns M1560-WT-P (CTI Pro98-2G) White Thunder
9994Ns M3400-WT-P (CTI Pro98-4G) White Thunder
17631Ns N3800-BS-P (CTI Pro98-6GXL) Blue Streak
20146Ns N5800-CS-P (CTI Pro98-6GXL) C-Star
4701Ns L1290-SK-P (AMW 76-6000) Skidmark

I'm especially excited about the G80SK - the first MPR skidmark ever, and it's got under 62.5g of propellant (The 38-1G G69SK skid has 67g of propellant). It might be enough to get me to buy a CTI Pro29-2G case.

Full story on Rocketry Planet.

Not to be outdone, Aerotech is working on some new stuff of their own. There's the Loudmouth - looks like a White Lightning, sounds like a Sparky. A K345LM was flown at Plaster Blaster this weekend, as were a K375NW (Boost-sustain), J320WS (Super White Lightning), and the J99N endburner. Interestingly, the Loudmouth might 'possibly' make it to mid power. From Dick Stafford.


DTH Rocket said...

That's awesome. I like it when new things happen in the rocketry industry. I'm just waiting for exciting and drastic things to happen in the space industry.

The EGE said...

Yeah, new motors seem to be coming out a lot recently. It's awesome.