Monday, November 30, 2009

More Mach Goon Building

I cut a 3' length of 1/8" kevlar for the shock cord and tied it to the eyebolt; I then put a few drops of CA on to keep the knot from unraveling.

I glued the motor tube into the body tube with wood glue, and the first fin is now drying. It'll take prolly the rest of the week to glue on the other 5 fins and double-fillet them, but the work should allow the cheapo clementine-box fins to withstand the forces of 850 mph. I'll also layer wood glue on the body tube and nose cone at the end of building; it'll add a tenth of an ounce or two, but add significant strength to the body tube.

Here's a picture of the parts, taken before the last round of gluing:

I checked on TRF and it appears to be allowable per CTI instruction sheets to remove part of the ejection charge.

Also, I am now using gmail in the 'ninja' theme. I may never go back.

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