Tuesday, December 16, 2008


#1: This is true.
#2: A quick note on demonstratives: "This" is to refer to something that is being referenced currently, not a previously mentioned something. "That" can refer to either a previously referenced something or a new subject which is a distance away. Thus, one should only say "This is true" when introducing a new subject, NOT when responding about said subject. Is this a national problem or is it, like 'idear', confined to New England?


mandachan said...

shut up.
i think i'm gonna go pahk my cah near hahvahd yahd and go to fenway pahk and go play baseball wickid hahd!
(and that was so degrading towards bostonians...)

The EGE said...


Magic said...

Hehe, my phone also makes a ringing sound. For some reason I just don't want it to play music when someone is calling me.