Monday, December 29, 2008

BIG order

I'll finalize this tomorrow, but I'm planning to make a big order of rocket motors online from Hobbylinc. I mean 35 motors plus spare parts big. That's 200 Ns - almost as much as I've flown since September. And I bought B6-0s, B6-4s, CA, and plastic cement today.
The list:
  • A3-4T (4)

  • A10-3T (4)

  • 2x A8-3 (3x2=6)

  • A8-5 (3)

  • B6-2 (3)

  • C6-0 (3)

  • C6-3 (3)

  • C6-5 (3)

  • D12-0 (3)

  • BT-20 tubing

  • BT-50 tubing

  • 2 18mm engine tubes

  • 4 centering rings

  • BNC-20

This is 35 motors, or about 29 flights depending on how I use my booster motors. With the parts, I plan to fix Rama and give it a 24mm or even clustered motor mount, possibly build an SR-71, build a heavy rocket glider ("The turkey"), and more. Including shipping, it's only going to be about 74 bucks - roughly 2 bucks a motor, plus some parts.
They have very good prices ($5.49 for 3 and 4-packs of A motors and $1.09 body tubes), good shipping, and they don't charge extra for Hazmat delivery. yay.

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