Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lots o' Pictures!

I tried to upload 9 pictures, but Picasa wouldn't let me. Grrr.
Here's Mach My Day, my 18mm machbuster. For scale, consider that the 70mm-long D21 will fit all the way up to the front of the fins, so the whole thing is only about 8.2" long. The whole thing would fit in a 16oz water bottle. Note the long, skinny fins - more strength and less drag - and the paintless, weightless magic marker coloring.
Revealed: my newest Goonybird, Pigasus. It's a kitbashed Baby Bertha that takes medium-delay 18mm motors. Everything is from the kit - the wings are 2 of the original fins and the feet and ears were cut from scrap balsa from the kit. It's all pink paint and black Sharpie except for the wings which are white and silver paint.
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mandachan said...

ok, i admit, the pig one is pretty cool. but other than that, to me they're just pieces of painted wood/styrofoam/WHATEVER!