Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Here's Rokit, my D12-casing-based prank rocket that actually flies. Note the old, crappy, badly-painted nosecone and masking tape that looks like it's holding it together.
The nose seperates as normal, pulling out a streamer and shock cord, but the body tube actually will seperate from the D12 casing if you remove the tape. This allows me to put wadding inside the B6 casing that actually holds the 13mm motor to save space for the streamer inside the tiny body tube.

Here's a better view of the business end. The fins only appear to be masking-taped on; they really have a good amount of CA (superglue) holding them on. You can also see the thin layer of CA I applied to the face of the fins to strengthen them. Note also the bent red paper clip as an 'engine hook'. The fit of the 13mm motor into the 18mm casing is so tight that it doesn't really need a hook; it's just there for show. I have, however, used a paper-clip-engine-hook on Cohete with much success.
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