Thursday, December 25, 2008

Launch Report #11

I managed to go out and launch rockets with the cousins today. How 'bout you?
No pics, sorry, cause my dad's memory card died (was full, I think) right before I was about to launch. I launched 2 rockets on 2 flights on 3 motors for 32.5 Ns (mid E) total.
First was my new secret Goonybird, to be revealed soon, on an A8-3. It was a good flight that landed about 30 feet from the pad even in 10 mph winds. I'd estimate 250 feet.
Second were my dual saucers - 24mm and 18mm - on a D12-0 / C6-0 combo. The lower motor boosted it to about 100 feet, then the upper to about 200. Weirdly, I swear the D12 went chug-a-chug-a-chug, firing in spurts. Although the 18mm saucer went twice as high, it recovers faster and the 24mm saucer landed after it, about 20 seconds after launch.

So far. I've flown 41 flights on 46 motors on 20 different rockets for 207.42 Ns (low H). This is 4.51 Ns (mid-high B) per motor and 5.06 Ns (low C) per flight.

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