Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay

By the time the US entered WWI, German U-boats ruled the Atlantic. During the war, they would sink four times the tonnage that they would in WWII. The Emergency Fleet Corporation (EFC) built 285 wooden steamships. Unfortunately, they were poorly designed, leaky, costly, etc. After the war, they were eventually towed to Mallows Bay, a small bay on the Potomac; burned; and sunk. By a 1993 survey, at least 88 of the EFC ships plus the Accomac - a seagoing car ferry - , a Revolutionary war longboat, and 12 barges and more lie in the cove, forming one of the largest shipwreck fleets in the world.
The full story from the state of Maryland
A good set of pictures
A discussion of kayaking there
The site in Google maps:
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Another ship graveyard, this one on Staten Island, NY:
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And on Long Island:

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The last on is in one Gravesend Bay. The tiny white ship in the middle is actually a tiny yellow submarine intended to salvage valuable from the Andrea Doria with. I've seen this one out the window on a flight either into or out of LaGuardia. I saw the minisub with binoculars.

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