Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Is not on tonight. Sigh.
But there's another type of bones. Bones files. If you die in NetHack then, depending on where you die, you might leave a bones file. It includes a ghost named after you and your stuff, mostly cursed. The ghost is annoying and hard to kill, but sometimes you can find usable stuff. A few days ago, I accidentally angered Izchak, a shopkeeper. Bad Luck. Shopkeepers are powerful and hard to kill, as a lawful character murdering a human is bad, and killing Izchak is looked down on by others because Izchak Miller was a major part of creating NetHack you tragically died from cancer in 1994. Needles to say, my unlikely Valkyrie died. Unfortunately, she also left a bones file with an angry Izchak. That bones file killed 3 other promising Valkyries.
I took the unusual step of deleting all the bones files on my computer - all 4 of them. I consider this fair because I deleted all, including those that might have benefited me. This is the same situation as if I loaded the game onto a new computer, for example. The game didn't declare death by trickery, so I think it's fair. If you have any complaint, please comment.

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