Wednesday, December 24, 2008

History Day!

Boy, haven't done one in a while. On some other fateful and entertaining Christmas Eves:
1761: Jean-Louis Pons, the greatest comet discover of all time (37) is born.
1818: James Prescott Joule, a physicist, is born. The joule, the SI unit of energy, will be named after him
1865: Several former Confederate officers form the KKK. Their organization goes on to terrify, kill, injure, and abuse the civil rights of millions of innocents.
1906: The first public radio broadcast is made.
1910: Max Miedinger, inventor of the Helvetica typeface, is born.
1943: Dwight D. Eisenhower becomes the supreme commander of the Allied Forces. He will go on to demolish Nazi Germany and become one of the last decent Republican presidents.
1953: 151 people die in the Tangwai Disaster. Many lives are saved, however, by a few brave men.
1968: Apollo 8 becomes the first manned spacesraft to orbit the moon.
1979: The first ESA Ariane is launched.
1980: Karl Donitz, Admiral of the German navy in WWII, dies. He was among the greatest submarine tacticians, regardless of ideology.

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