Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh my!

As I write this, the Patriots are beating Oakland 35-14. With 10:05 left. In the first half. At this rate, the Pats will win 105-42. The defenses and especially the special teams (3 punt / kickoff returns for TDs) need some work.


mandachan said...

*evil glare at hit counter*
anyway, i was thinking that too. we told my mom the score and she was like 'whatever' and we were like 'it's only 5 minutes into the 2nd quarter'. it was almost like that game against ... that 43-0 game! :)

The EGE said...

Sheesh. Your first comment in a while and it's not even on geekery.
Anyway, last year navy beat North Texas 74-62 and in 1916 Georgia Tech beat Cumberland 222-0.