Sunday, December 28, 2008


One of my awesomer presents this year was an Estes 1:8 scale model of the GBU-24 Paveway III. Although officially OOP (Out of Production), they're available on Amazon as of this writing. The kit itself is great. It's 21 inches long with an 18mm motor mount. The only picky points I have are that the fins don't fit well into the tail cone and that the engine mount needs to stick out half an inch further than in the instructions so that the motors can be easily loaded.
The real thing is a 14-foot long, 2000 pound Mk. 84 gravity bomb containing 945 lbs of high explosives fitted with forward stabilizing fins and the GBU (Guided Bomb Unit) laser guidance system. They can glide 90,000 (18 miles) from 30,000 feet (6 miles) - a 1:3 glide ratio, incredible for what is essentially a car-size, car-weight, and car-cost (55,000 dollars each) pipe bomb.
Being a geek, I intend to paint mine as realistically as possible. Most GBU-24s are a flat olive green; however, the grey-and green paint scheme on the box matches the GBU-24B/B model. I will follow this pattern, but I will add the clear (silver on mine) nose and more reddish frontal section.
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