Friday, September 26, 2008

Skinny white guys who play with baseballs

**SIGGGHHHHH** just to acommadate mandachan...

Interesting... he gets 991,000 google results and 993k in images - almost exactly the same.

Funny looks on his face.

Funny look again.

Dan Haren: pitcher or pothead? you decide.

Chris Wells is back. I feel sorry for the minnesota defense.



mandachan said...

(although i do appreciate how much you apparently love me to know all of my men :D)

and that picture of dan haren is probably the worst i've ever seen.
and you probably stole the ellsbury pic from the birthday post.
and where'd you get the alex pic? just wondering.

mandachan said...

and you say I have no life.

mandachan said...
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mandachan said...

oh, and who're YOU calling skinny?!i wouldn't be concerned if i were you.