Friday, September 26, 2008

History Day!!!!

Today, Sept. 27, is the 271st day of the year. In history:
1590: Pope Urban VIII dies after being pope for all of 13 days, the shortest papal reign in history.
1777: Lancaster, PA, is the US capitol for one day.
1821: Mexico wins its independence from Spain.
1905: Einstein's E=mc2 formula is published for the first time.
1941: The first Liberty Ship is launched.
1956: Minburn G. Apt becomes the first man to Mach 3 in the Bell X-2, then loses his life when it crashes.
1894: The Red Baron's brother, also a fighter ace, is born.
1918: Martin Ryle, pioneering radio astronomer, is born.
1919: Johnny Pesky of Pesky's pole is born.
1993: Jimy Doolittle, aviation pioneer and first leader of Doolittle's raid on Japan goes to the great aircraft carrier in the sky.
Today is World Tourism Day.

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