Saturday, September 27, 2008

Meet the Fleet! Part 3: The Freaks

I like odd-rocs. In other words, if it was not originally intended to fly, then I fly it.
  • A camera: The Astrocam is a kit that has gone through several incarnations. The first camera was flown aboard a model rocket in 1962. I have flown this rocket several times and I intend to fly it more soon so I can finally develop the film.
  • A cylinder. Cylinders are not normally stable, but by adding nose weight I have made a stable Rama. I am currently rebuilding the motor mount after a mishap.
  • A flying-saucerish thing. Formed from 2 leftover nose cones bits and 1.2" of an old pen, it's still unnamed. It flies on Micromaxx motors.
  • A finless rocket. My screaming yellow zonker is a two-stage rocket that has a canted fin on the booster stage so it will spin, and the top stage is spin-stabilized.
  • Umm...A little assembly with a nose cone, tiny fins, and a motor holder with a stick fin for stability. The Cohete is kinda hard to describe. It flies. Barely.
  • The altitude tracking capsule from an Estes Altitrak. It doesn't work well, but it was a gift from the rocket gods that i found in the woods, so I'm not complaining.
  • A booster stage, built when I had a different machbuster rocket.

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