Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rockets update

So, I went out and flew a couple of rockets today, including a couple of untested birds:
  • Wizard: It's a real little rocket, no more than 10" long. I've flown it a couple of times before and this was no exception. It went about 300 feet on an A8-3 and landed safely, but it broke the tip off one fin. Nothing a little wood glue can't fix.

  • Cohete poquito: This little freak is basically a carved out dowel that holds a 13mm-diameter mini motor. A nose cone, launch lug, and a long thin dowel for stability are attached. It looks like a fireworks rocket. It flew well but mostly sideways on an A3-4T.

  • A boost glider. Nothing special, but I've been waiting forever to fly it. It angled a lot into the wind, but it's just something else to see a glider looping in the sky at sunset.

  • Rama, the cylindrical rocket, failed. When I tried to put the motor in, the engine mount crumpled.

  • 3M - Modified Mongoone Machbuster. Basically an Estes Mongoose 2-stage rocket shortened by 8 inches after an unfortunate encounter with the ground. (The extra tubing lives on as the body of the boost glider's pop pod)The bboster stage's motor moun and the upper stage launch lug failed simultaneously.

Despite the failures, it was a great launch.

I also bought 19 motors today:
6 Micromaxx (1/8A-1)
4 A3-4T
3 A8-3
3 B6-4
3 C6-0
Also, I got a SpaceShipOne scale model from Michaels for 11 bucks, so my next project is ahead of me. That and a clone of the Astron Invader - a UFO-shaped boost glider.

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