Monday, September 29, 2008

Launch Report: 29/9/2008

During the one bit of clear sky in four days of rain, I went out and launched a couple of my Micromaxx birds in my front yard. It was a pain getting the igniters to stay in the motor long enough to light the motor, but it was fun.
  • The flying saucerish thing flew first. It launched about 60 feet up, surprisingly high for the amount of drag, then fell softly down. Perfect.

  • Next came the hummingbird, my micro boost glider. It launched about 30 feet over the crabapple tree and fell in the street after the glider hook broke off. I will launch it again with a better pylon.

  • Finally came my pen rocket. After the igniter fell out 5 times, It launched straight up and out of sight on the last try. A few seconds after ejection, The main body came in fast, but no damage. the ejection charge had fried the shock cord, so the nose cone will have to be replaced. Oh well.

Just for reference, a MMX motor is a 1/8A.22-1 .
oops, gotta get to school. Grrr.

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