Friday, September 26, 2008

Meet the fleet! Part 1

For anyone out there who looks at this blog are cares about anything but baseball, I now am presenting a complete rundown of my rockets. This is part 1: The normal ones.
  • First, my original rocket, the Cosmic Cobra. Easy to build, but with cool forward-swept fins and a nose cone that spins down. Yay!

  • The Wizard, my second rocket. It's a real small bird that I gave a unique paint job to - Red nose cone, Yellow body fading to blue, and gold fin tips. One fin is currently plain balsa after being replaced, and the nose cone is a replacement for the original I found in the woods.

  • The Gauchito is a scale model of one of the X-prize contender. It uses mini motors and since it is fat and draggy, it ejects about 10 feet off the ground on the way down.

  • The Jinx. It's a little plastic mini-motor rocket whose origins I can't remember. It flies alright, nothing special.

  • The pen rocket - actually made from a real Bic pen. I have not yet flown this rocket.

  • The Kosmonaut Alexi Leonov - my name for an Estes Warp II. It's a 2-stage model with a payload tube that I built at Space Camp. I probably gave some poor FAA agent a heart attack when they opened my suitcase to see a rocket inside. It's perfectly legal since I didn't have a motor installed in it. It survived the baggage monkeys with nothing more than a few broken-off, easily repairable fins. It's flown once, my first sucessful 2-stage flight. There's a picture with the review here

  • The 3M - Modified Mongoose Machbuster. It's an Estes Mongoose, shortened by 8 inches after a crimp in the tube, so it's stubbier than the pic. It's a two-stage rocket, but I've only flown it as a single stage. With a C6-0 in the booster and a D21-7 in the sustainer, it should hit Mach 1 at around 1500 feet, then go to almost a mile. Yay sonic booms from cardboard tubes!

    Update - composite motors like the D21 can't be used as upper stage motors without electronics, so unless I get my hands on an E25 it'll be only a subsonic bird.

  • The Bullpuppy - my scale model of the Bullpup 12D missile. I got the nasty scar on my left thumb while cutting the tail cone. Surprisingly, the body tube glides in a weird way called backsliding. I discovered this by accident when the nose seperated and took the parachute with it. It's a great little rocket; I've flown it 2 or 3 times.

there you go. Nine kinda boring rockets, all but one flown. yay.

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