Saturday, September 13, 2008

Unguided high-speed projectiles!!

Yaaaaay model rockets.
I just realized that I haven't posted in two weeks, such a bad boy I am.
So I've been building and flying a bunch of model rockets lately. I figured my faithful readers, all two of them, needed a little introduction.
The basic model looks like this. 3 fins and a nose cone, nothing special.

The motor burns for a second or two, lets the rocket coast for 4 or 5 seconds, then pops the parachute out with an ejection charge. The flight looks like this, but a lot higher.

The second image is from a good intro to model rocketry here.
I, however, like crazy rockets. I have this 'Transwing', which lofts a gilder 300 feet up:

and this scissor-wing gilder:

both of which are commercial kits. I am building some truly crazy rockets, like a FINLESS model of Rama:

i am building the cylinder, not the cool looking spaceship. In the novel, Rama is an alien ship 50km long by 20 in diameter. Mine is about a 1:2,000,000 scale model. Normally, finless model rockets are dangerously unstable, but by using a weighted front end it still should be stable.
My next highly experimental bird is a boost glider that looks something like this, but not as good-looking. The glider flies really well, though.

Then comes a really weird one. It's a two staged rocket, where the first motor ignites the second one after liftoff. Again, the top part has no fins, but this time because I have the booster motor spinning to stabalize the rocket. It's a slightly smaller version of the bird shown here.

And finally, I am building a rocket out of a standard size pen. A 6mm-wide micromaxx motor will launch it on 60 feet up. Sorta like this:

Okay, end of insane non-dangerous pyromania. for now.


mandachan said...

alex not starting = unhappy mandachan >:(

The EGE said...

Do you care about anything but baseball? Are you stalking him???
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