Monday, September 29, 2008

Screw IE.

Once again, another of Microsloth's pieces of crapware has failed me. For some reason, Internet Explorer has refused to shut down without me using Control-Alt-Delete. It's been going on for two days now and it's really annoying. Just for reference, the error type is AppHangXProcB1. I traced in back to an ActiveX Control called Show Norton Toolbar. If I disable it, Norton says my phishing protection won't work. If I enable it, IE won't close.
So, for the time being, I've decided to go with Google Chrome. It's fast, open-source, secure, and doesn't conflict with Norton. Yay google!

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mandachan said...

i use flock and i like it a lot (we originally had netscape which i hated 'cause it was too freaking slow but they discontinued it and i accidentally clicked on the download button and here we are! i love the combination of relative speed and flash player :D)